Choosing the proper sleeve

Whether you’re looking for a stock size or a custom fit, these references will help in accurately measuring yourself and guarantee a snug fit the first time. Use a measuring tape to take the following measurements. If you do not have a measuring tape, you can take measurement with a string and measure the string with a ruler.

Measure your arm:

Measure the circumference of the beefiest part of your forearm as shown below

forearm measure

Choosing the proper size

Custom: 0″-9″

Small & mighty: 9″ -11″

Extra Medium: 11″ – 13″

Large & In Charge: 13″ -17″

Custom: 17″ +

Remember,  leather will stretch over time so if your measurements are within 1 inch of the sleeve dimension you may lose tension in the sleeve after multiple uses. If you are on the border between sizes, it is best to order the smaller size.  This provides flexibility so that once the leather stretches to perfectly form to your arm, the gap will not close and you can maintain a snug fit.

How to wear:

Wear 4Armour Stone Sleeves up over the thickest part of your forearm. Loop the laces once around the top tightly to ensure that the sleeve will not slide down during your stone session. We recommend putting a piece of duct tape or athletic tape over the laces so they do not come untied or get in your way.

where to wear

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